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Waxed Perfume Lotus Leaf & Lustre + Yuzu


Lotus Leaf & Lustre + Yuzu

Formulated with our Lotus Leaf & Lustre scent - yet with the addition of zesty yuzu. This unique Kitchen Edition Waxed Perfume adds warmth with notes of spicy clove, cedarwood, nutmeg and coriander. BALANCED WITH CITRUS NOTES OF LIME LEAF AND ORANGE, IT HAS BEEN SPECIFICALLY CRAFTED TO BRING AN INVIGORATING FRESHNESS TO YOUR SPACE AFTER YOU'VE COOKED.


Introducing a new product from NZ company Ashley & Co. WAXED PERFUME is as it sounds; 100% Natural wax mixed with their stunning signature scents!

Waxed perfume is individually hand poured using 100% natural wax, unbleached cotton wick, hand placed, hand glued... or in other words, is a genuine hand made product of New Zealand.


40 - 45 hrs burn time