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Waxed Perfume Bubbles & Polkadots


Bubbles & Polkadots
Kid around? Fresh garden rose mixed with soft powdery musk smells like a baby-out-of-the-bath. Buyer beware a craving for bed time stories and milk and cookies could result. A JUXTAPOSITION OF RICH FLORALS AND ROSE OTTO BLEND HARMONIOUSLY WITH THE POWDERY BASE NOTES OF MUSK AND RESINOUS AMBER.


WAXED PERFUME is as it sounds; 100% Natural wax mixed with their stunning signature scents!

Waxed perfume is individually hand poured using 100% natural wax, unbleached cotton wick, hand placed, hand glued... or in other words, is a genuine hand made product of New Zealand.


40 - 45 hrs burn time